VMS/IRAF Installation and Site Manager's Guide

Doug Tody, Suzanne Jacoby, Nigel Sharp

June 1993

Updated for V2.11.1 November 1998
Nelson Zarate, NOAO CCS/IRAF
National Optical Astronomy Observatories


This document describes how to install or update the VMS version of the portable IRAF system (Image Reduction and Analysis Facility). Installation instructions as well as procedures for improving performance, minimizing disk and memory usage, configuring the system for the local site, and interfacing local devices are given.


Installing VMS/IRAF Testing a Newly Installed or Updated System
Configuring the IRAF Environment
Configuring the Device and Networking Files
Vector Graphics and Image Display using X Windows
Additional System Configuration Issues
Tuning Considerations
Software Management
Miscellaneous Notes
Appendix A.
Private TMP and IMDIR Directories